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Our Team. 

Here is a little intro about who makes up the board of CERB!

Ursula Brown
Board Member

One of the founding members of CERB. Ursula has been treasurer for over ten years and is now guiding Edna on the adventure. Passionate about the environment, animal causes and clean communities. You can find her tirelessly driving around Eagle Rock watering the medians in her orange vest. If you need to see her find her at Colombos!


Cherryl Weaver

I love helping make Eagle Rock a better place to live and become more beautiful.  As a local Realtor I live and work in Eagle Rock and it is important to me that Eagle Rock strives to look the best it can and that the "small town" feel is kept alive by neighbors getting involved. I am on the board of The Collaborative Eagle Rock Beautiful because it is one of the organizations that has continuously worked over the years on beautification projects and protecting open land. It has been the only organization that consistently focuses on improving the greening of the medians on Eagle Rock Blvd.  My talents are my problem solving and organizational skills, I  have really enjoyed helping CERB grow.

Edna Jones

Edna Jones has over ten years experience serving on various non-profits. She was the Fundraising Manager for the Women Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide and served as the Business Director for the Woman's Club of Hollywood. 


In her current position, as treasurer for CERB, she keeps records of the organization's finances, pay all bills, complete and submit the required financial reporting, keep the board regularly informed of key financial events and concerns and assist with developing and forecasting budgets.

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