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Our Projects.  

Eagle Rock Canyon Trail

Sited on 4.5 acres adjacent to the Eagle Rock, this one -mile nature trail was aquired by CERB in 2006. CERB volunteers under the guidance of Master Trail Builder Peter Schaller, created a precious and unique community resource offering a natural haven for flora and fauna alike with vistas to the sea. The trail, which CERB now maintains, is open for the community to enjoy sunrise to sunset. Note that the trail is steep and narrow; hikers are urged to use caution.

Greening the medians

About 10 years ago we planted drought tolerant landscape in the medians along Eagle Rock Blvd. In the ground and in pots. We have maintained (including weekly watering) and we are always working to improve. One of our next projects is a major overhaul and modernization of the pots. Would you like to join! Please sign the mailing list!

Eagle Rock City Hall

Eagle Rock’s historic City Hall was revamped by CD14 in 2014. As part of this initiative, a dedicated group of commited Eagle Rock community activists got together and decided that City Hall could provide an example for an attractive, drought-tolerant landscape to all Eagle Rock residents as well as local businesses. It was decided to forego the traditional water-intensive lawn that never thrived under the large deodars. We favored species that would be water wise and at the same time be a showcase for striking native and Mediterrenean plants.


This design therefore is meant to enhance the visual appeal of this iconic building, as well as offers a drought tolerant, mostly native garden for both shade and full sun.


CERB’s plan has a limited palette of xeric shrubs and grasses. They go from shade tolerant plants such as berberis (an all time favorite, native shrub that has a yellow bloom and blue berries loved by birds) and lomandra ‘Breeze’, a Mediteranean grass that grows well in shady conditions, to sun loving shrubs that bloom profusely during spring and summer. A few different succulents bloom in winter, such as aloes. Big agaves are interspersed with the grasses lining the main path. In the sun-drenched areas, ceanothus explode in spring in electric blues, while the tall, silver-leaved encelia farinosa shows off its cascades of golden daisy-like flowers. The long arching grass blades and tall inflorescences of Mexican grass muhlenbergia dubia can be seen shimmering against our California sunlight.


To mix exotic succulents with natives offers striking shapes and color while making sure that our native pollinators, birds and insects, still get sustainance from flowers and seeds all year round.


The design was completed in 2014 and is still a work in progress. More plants will be added in spring of 2016.


In addition we have done planting projects in...

- Allatore Park Garden

- Auto Zone

- Center for the Arts Eagle Rock

- Darryl's Memorial Garden

- Eagle Rock Community Garden

- Eagle Rock Public Library

- Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge Aerie #2188

- Greater Los Angeles Agency for the Deaf (GLAD)

- KFC Restaurant

- Oinkster Restaurant

- Valero Gas Station on Colorado

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